What you need to know about Iris Recognition Technology

Simply put, iris recognition technology is the manner in which individuals are identified through the iris of their eye. Used in top level security environments, iris recognition technology is considered to be the most accurate security measure that can possibly be implemented. Indeed, some studies suggest that given the iris is a signature, unique to everyone different person on the planet, the odds of mis-identification are in the millions or billions to one.

Iris recognition technology is classified as biometric identification. The innovative technology has become popular throughout high security installations given its accuracy and ease of use. The technology is also considered safe to use. These key attributes ensure strict control access to high security areas.

How does it work?

Iris recognition technology works by combining computer vision, pattern recognition and optics. Initially, a black and white video camera lens is focused upon, and records a precise, sharp image of the eye. Lit by a low level light by the camera which provides optimal capacity for focusing the image, the resulting image is of the highest quality. Once the photograph has been taken a video frame is then digitised into a 512 byte file and stored on a computer database.

Such is the prowess of iris recognition technology the image can be recorded from as far as sixteen inches away. There is no need for the eye to physically tough the instrumentation. The identification of the individual is confirmed by a comparable scan of the recorded eye on a database. Within seconds the identity of the individual is confirmed. 

The Prowess of the technology is Unquestioned

There is no more accurate method of identifying individuals than iris recognition software. Every single iris has its own unique pattern and distinguishing features, not between identical twins and, both irises on the same face are slightly different.

Additionally, the iris does not alter with age. The patterns of the iris are completely formed by the age of eleven months and will remain stable throughout the course of a lifetime. Iris recognition technology uses more than two hundred and forty points of reference to identify the patterns. By comparison, fingerprint technology uses approximately sixty points of recognition.

As the future unfolds we may well begin to see the emergence of iris recognition technology throughout a wealth of installations and environments the world over. Unlike alternative physical recognition forms of identification an iris cannot be stolen, misplaced or forgotten. No problems are encountered should you forget your password or will you ever find yourself a victim of fraud. Iris recognition technology will surely become more prominent in society as time passes.