Eight Facts that you need to know about Facial Recognition Software

The use of facial recognition software has become prevalent in society. A quick and effective way of identifying anyone, the software has grown to be used in a wealth of different industries. Have a read below for everything that you need to know about the software.

  1. Facial recognition software is considered to be a non-intrusive form of technology. There is no need to provide a fingerprint or scan your retina. The camera used for facial recognition is effective from a metre away. Much like CCTV, the person being identified may not even know it.
  2. This identification method is becoming increasingly accurate as the technology evolves. Employed by a wealth of sectors, the technology has come on leaps and bounds over recent times – and will only continue to evolve.
  3. The technology often requires the person to slightly adjust their features. This allows the camera to recognise you. Smiling or blinking will prevent any imposters from gaining access.
  4. Some official documentation, such as passports or driving licences can utilise facial recognition software. This is one of the surest ways to prevent criminal activity, stemming from the production of falsified documents. This will reduce the amount of individual documents.
  5. As the technology evolves, the opportunity to employ facial recognition software for a number of purposes is apparent. Indeed, PIN numbers and swipe cards may become obsolete.
  6. Time and attendance systems benefit greatly from employing facial recognition software. Employers can employ the technology to effectively monitor employee attendance. Faces cannot be replicated. Fobs can.
  7. By using facial recognition software, employees aren’t disclosing any information that that isn’t in the public arena anyway. There is no need to provide a wealth of sensitive or personal data.
  8. Facial recognition software will, surely become increasingly prominent in society as time goes on. If you’re considering employing a secure and comprehensive security procedure, there are few better systems than the software.